How can I make a payment?

You can pay through PayPal. It's simple.

Is it possible to refund the sold source code?

Refunds are not possible if the source code we sell works normally. However, if there is a problem with our source code not working, we will refund you within 15 days.

Does the sold source code guarantee against problems such as bugs?

Yes, we produce and test the source code and release it directly on the Android Play Store.

Can I change the source code after purchasing it?

Of course. You can use the source code after purchasing it in various ways. The purchased template and source code can be freely used for one end product.

Can I use it for multiple end products after purchasing the source code?

No. There must be one license for each end product.

All source codes can be used immediately and are they working normally?

Of course it is. We create templates through Android Studio. Also, Android source code is always released after checking normal operation in Android Studio.